AIR MAT Crossing Systems

Air Mat Pipeline and Utility Crossings have been designed and tested by a dedicated team of veteran Oilfield and Civil Construction professionals. It has been designed to meet the need for a safer, more cost effective method of crossing buried and surface lines. The design allows for zero weight transfer or disturbance of lines.

All Air Mat products are rigorously field tested and Engineered to meet all safety and durability expectations. Patent Pending.

Enhanced Safety

  • Installed in a single lift as opposed to the traditional method of placing multiple mats and timbers
  • Zero weight transfer to subsurface lines
  • Engineered and tested for durability
  • Cost effective

Reduce costs by replacing outdated methods of line crossing with our durable multi-use system. In certain situations Air Mat can also be used in place of traditional culverts further reducing labor and material costs.

Series 1
Series 2
Series 3

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