Red Ram Truck Parts & Service Warranty

Red Ram Sales Ltd. (Operating as Red Ram Truck & Equipment Parts) Limited Warranty

This Warranty is in effect for 1 Year / 30 Days from the date indicated hereunder (the “warranty period”).

Red Ram Sales Ltd. Warrants that all parts sold to the Customer will be merchantable of good material and workmanship, and free of defect. But because Red Ram Sales Lid. does not warrant that the goods will be fit and sufficient for any particular purpose, the customer is solely responsible to determine the sufficiency of the goods for his purpose. The used engines warranty applies to the block crank and head only. Any other accessories, such as seals, settings, thermostats, etc., are provided for convenience only, and are not warranted unless prearranged with Red Ram Sales Ltd. Customers are advised to check all such accessories at the time of purchase to ensure their condition.

In the case of rebuilt engines, transmissions, or differentials, new or rebuilt parts carry supplier’s warranty.

Red Ram Sales Ltd will, at its sole discretion,

  1. Replace defective parts with used parts that are free of defects; or
  2. If no suitable used replacement parts are available, on agreement with the Customer, will supply new parts and share equally the cost of the same; or
  3. If no suitable used replacement parts are available, and upon return of the defective parts, refund the original purchase price of that part.

Except under prearranged conditions where warranty work may be done by an authorized agent, Red Ram Sales Ltd. must supply the labour to replace and repair defective parts which fail during the warranty period, PROVIDED THE CUSTOMER MUST NOTIFY RED RAM SALES LTD. before work begins, and in any event, no labour will be paid at more than Red Ram Sales Ltd.’s shop rate.

Red Ram Sales Ltd. does not warranty and is not responsible for:

  1. Costs of any tune up, minor repair, or oil leaks or consumption.
  2. Filters, fluids, belts, hoses, or other maintenance items.
  3. Removal or replacement of parts or components if parts or components were not installed by Red Ram Sales Ltd; consequential damages and costs arising from the failure of a defective part of labour supplied by Red Ram Sales Ltd., but not limited to towing charges, communication expenses, meals, lodging, and incidental expenses incurred by the Customer or its employees, down-time expenses, cargo damages, nor any or all business casts and losses of revenue sustained by the Customer. Without limiting the foregoing Red Ram Sales Ltd. shall in no event be liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages arising from the failure of a defective part or labour supplied by Red Ram Sales Ltd., including personal injuries (including death of the Customer, its employees or third parties, nor for any commercial, economic or other loss whether caused or contributed to by the defect in parts or workmanship, whether caused by the default or negligence of Red Ram Sales Ltd., its employees and agents, or otherwise.


Red Ram Sales Ltd. shall in no event be liable for failures resulting from Customer or operator abuse or neglect such as

  1. Operation with adequate coolant, fuel, and/or lubricants.
  2. Overfueling, overspeeding, or overloading.
  3. Lack of maintenance of lubricants and fuels for cooling or intake system systems.
  4. Improper storage, starting, warm-up, run-in, or shutdown practices.


Red Ram Sales Ltd. is not liable for damages sustained as a result of improper workmanship carried out by other. The warranty is not transferable without the express written approval of Red Ram Sales Ltd

A part repaired/replaced under warranty will not extend the original warranty period.




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